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Tooth Implant In a Infected Molar Tooth in Pimpri-Chinchwad,Pune

Updated: Feb 21

Case Done in August 2022

What happens when your tooth infection is severe and tooth is beyond saving ?

Hi , I am going to explain the whole process of Replacing an infected tooth with dental Implant.

let's understand the major reasons for which a tooth gets infected

  1. Long standing decay on tooth leads to infection in the nerve or pulp of the tooth leading to infection.

  2. Poor Root canal , in which medicine is not filled till the end of canal and sealed properly.

  3. Severe diabetes or some systemic conditions

  4. Other tooth infection migrated to the tooth of concern

Procedure for replacement with implant

  1. Removal of Infected tooth

  2. Removal of infected bone / infected tissue under the tooth

  3. Drilling hole for new Implant

  4. Placing new Implant

What are the potential risks?

  1. If bone is not preserved while removing the tooth , there will be less bone for implant

  2. If infected tissue is not removed completely, same infection can fail implant.

  3. If drilling is not accurate then implant can fail

An experienced implantologist should have done 100s of such cases and keeps enough information to bypass failure areas .

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Lets see the Photos

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