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Is Dental Implant the Best way to Replace Missing Teeth ? Know Reasons of Failure and how to avoid !

Updated: Feb 2

Dental Implant is the only way of replacing teeth without taking support of nearby teeth or gums.

Alternative to Dental Implants is Removable Denture which fits on gums and other alternative is denta bridge,which takes support from nearby teeth.

The primary problem of denture is 'movement while chewing' meaning the whole denture lifts and moves as you try to bite with it , also it gives a feel of something artificial kept in your mouth.

For Dental Bridge the problems are much worse as bridge requires grinding of nearby teeth and reduces their life. We have seen dental bridges failing after 15-20 years along with the teeth on which they take support on.

Dental Implants also have their fair share of failures . Some common failures are

1. Infections arround implant

  • Because of old infections of removed tooth

  • Beacause of not good cleaning by Patient

  • Because of Poor cleaning and hygene by Doctors

  • Beacause of weak and Poor Bone

  • Because sugar level increase (Diabetes)

2. Breaking or cracking of Implants

  • Poor Quality Titanium used in Implants

  • Heavy load and chewing by patient

  • Company original parts not used

3. BoneLoss around implants

  • Due to ageing

  • Bone Disease like osteoporosis & arthritis

  • Poor Bone metabolism

  • Poor Implant Placement by doctor

  • Poor quality titanium used in implant

  • Poor implant design

  • Overload on Implants

  • Not good Implant Planning before surgery

  • Previously infected bone

  • Many more reasons

But how to avoid failure and minimise it so that a Implant Patient can enjoy food with Implants for a long period of life. Most of the factors can be controlled by doctor and patient with a systematic approach.

This is why Dr.Mrunal Burute doesnot focus on Dental Implants treatment alone but on all factors including bone health. By doing this he and his advanced Implants Center has achieved over 99% Success rate. At the center a systematic treatment flow is followed for all implants patients. First a Detailed Examination along with cbct design of future implants is done. Next,Bone health is improved .Later the Implant Surgery ia done.

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