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This Article is for Dental Patients to Understand Aspects of Dental treatments

The Biggest Question?

If You are in Pune , There are more than 3000 Dentists around You. All of these dentist are qualified for dental treatments. But still more than 70% patients require Re-Treatment for same dental problems. Why ? Lets Analyze Reasons.

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Less Patient Education

Patients do not know what Treatment will go in the long run and which will fail in Few years

Example : A Properly done root canal will last for lifetime ,Else it will later cause even bigger infection

Not using available Technology

Newer Technology for 3D Xrays/CBCT gives a better insight to doctor before starting treatment and to check treatment Execution

If Available technology is not used , prediction of treatment success is poor

Example : By Using CBCT in Implant Surgery ,has improved success rate significantly

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Poor Materials Choice

Dental Materials like - Composite Filling material , Root Canal materials , Implants , Capping Materials etc are bought by the dentist for your treatment.

The dentist will use the materials which he can afford as per the amount received by the patient.

Example : Any Dentist who gets paid 1000rs for a Dental Filling from a patient cannot use 2000Rs worth dental Materials

Cheaper materials are made with cheaper ingredients and hence give a limited life to treatment.

Example: Strength of a 1000Rs Material is Less against a 2000Rs Material , So next time when you Eat Bhakarwadi , It will crack and after few months or a Year you may require New Filling.

Ignorance to dental health

It is very Important to follow the instructions given by your dentist.

Although a Excellent Treatment is done by the dentist it can fail in future, if the patient fails to follow the hygene instructions or other instructions given by doctor.

Routine Chech-up, timely treatment is most important for lifetime of dental health.

Doctors are not God, They Just Repair the body.

So a repaired part will never have strength equal to a new part & must be taken care of.

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