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Infected Tooth & Implant

What is Infected tooth ?

If multiple tooth saving procidures like root canal treatment have been performed on tooth yet the tooth is having pain or infection then such tooth can be removed and a dental Implant can be placed in that area

How can Implant Treatment be done after removal of Infected tooth ?

1. After Removal of Infected tooth ,the infected bone area around the roots of the tooth is cleaned .

2. Implant of a suitable size is selected such that it will be firmly placed in the tooth socket

3. New Bone graft is added around Implant in order to fill the extra space of the tooth socket

4. Strong medicines are used to heal the infected bone around Implant

At Clinic we will first Check the above requirements with basic tests and conclude how successfull your Implant Treatment will be

Procedure In Immidiate Implant

1. Your Implant Surgery will be scheduled on a morning 

2. The Implants area in your mouth will be anesthetized with Local Anesthesia Injection in least painful way possible

3.Infected tooth will be removed 

4. The Dental Implant is placed and tightened enough

5. Precaution is taken that Implant is placed in a position that enough bone is present all around Implants

6. The Angle of Implant is Designed such that the Implant Bridge can be placed easily

7. Some Stiches are placed so that Implants do not get infected

8. Enough Rest is given before you are told some Instructions to follow

Implant Bridge Procedure

> After 3-3.5 months , The Implant will fuse with the bone to form solid & unmovable part

>Implant strength / Implant stability will be checked with a advanced radiofrequency unit 

> Measurement for Implant cap will be taken with 3d Scanner and our dental lab will create the cap for that Implant 

> This Bridge will be fitted along with few instructions to follow

Specialties at Burute Dental

We have a team of 3 Implantologist trained for years in performing same procedures like yours.

With our Experience we have gathered all type of advanced Equipment which will give you the perfect long lasting result

We Comfort every patient with his/her unique needs which makes the patient relaxed and the overall experience is always pleasant

We offer Affordable costs and yet offer high-end treatment standards in our ultra modern Implant Center

You are always given time and effort by doctors to answer your questions and doubts . We spend long hours in comforting a patient .

Transparent and genuine Treatment without compromising quality is always delivered

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