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  • A dental implant is the most advanced technology to replace missing teeth.

  • Burute Dental Clinic offers the Best Latest Technology for Dental Implants in India.

  • Dental Implant Surgery are regularly performed at Burute Dental Implant Center with Highest Success rate

  • Equipment for complicated cases are used along with surgical experience of over 10 years in Implantology

  • We have given successful results in Diabetic patients and patients with medical conditions

  • We have International patients who trust our Treatments from over 30 years

  • Our Ultra-Modern Setup is one of the best in India

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What are dental implants? Alternatives to Implant ?

Dental implants are screw-like bodies that are placed in the jaw bone so that they can support artificial teeth.

Alternative -Dental Bridge is done to replace a missing tooth by capping adjacent tooth and joining them with new tooth

Where are dental implants used?

Single missing tooth

Many missing teeth

All missing teeth

To tighten the dentures


What is required before dental implant surgery?

  • Thorough check-up of missing teeth area by a implant specialist​

  • CBCT scans are the most precise x-rays which give maximum details of implant area. If implant is placed as per CBCT scan, it increases life of dental implant. Learn more about CBCT Scan

  • Blood investigations like Blood sugar, Bleeding time, Clotting time, Vitamin D3 & calcium levels, blood cholesterol, etc

  • Physicians fitness report in case of history of blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or any other relevant medical condition

  • Medications given by your dentist to be taken before implant surgery.


What is the Procedure for placing implants?

  1. First, the area of implant placement is made numb by giving an anaesthesia injection.

  2. As per the implant chosen, special instruments are used to drill a space in your jaw bone. Then the implant body has placed that space.

  3. Grafts/ artificial bone forming material is used around the implant if your natural bone is insufficient. The implant wound is stitched by special sutures.

  4. The patient is allowed to rest in the special recovery room until he/she feels well to go home.

  5. An at-home instruction list is given along with medications.

  6. The patient has to visit after few days for a check-up and suture removal. (This step is decided by the dentist if required).

  7. This implant is allowed to integrate with the jaw bone for 3 months.

  8. After that, an attachment is placed over the implant, and the final tooth is attached on it or screwed directly to the implant. 

  9. Watch Implant Surgery Animated Video here

  10. Watch New Bone making (Bone Grafting) Animated Video here

We also have Digital Implant Surgical Technique

  1. In this technique we make a 3d Surgical template 

  2. this Template is placed in area in mouth where new teeth have to be placed 

  3. A special set of Equipment is used over the template to place Implant

  4. Such a Procedure is FAST - PAINLESS - STITCH LESS


What happens after dental implant surgery?

  • May experience mild bleeding from the area of implant surgery. Usually this is the extra blood during the surgical procedure. It may stop on its own. 

  • Patient may feel slight swelling and pain from the area of implant surgery. Swelling on the cheeks may be noticed. Usually the medications given reduce this pain and swelling.

  • Extra swelling in the morning may be noticed which reduces throughout the day. Such swellings will disappear in few days.

  • Patient should strictly follow the medication schedule & diet schedule as instructed by doctor.

  • Touching the implant site, sutures should be strictly avoided.

  • Usually the pain and swelling disappears before 1 week.

When will the tooth be attached on dental implant?

A dental implant takes approximately 3 months or more to completely integrating with the jaw bone. After this time, dentist will proceed to take measurements for new teeth.

In some cases, dentist may choose to immediately place new teeth over the implant after surgery.

If the graft is used during surgery, some more time for integration is required.


How to check the life of dental implant?

At Burute Dental, we check the implant integration with a specialized electronic machine to ensure long life of the implant. more info

A CBCT scan is very useful to check bone health around implants.


Cost of dental implant in Pune

Cost of dental  implants in Pune is varies from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000. Cost of dental implant is depend on type and material used in Implant. At Burute Dental, we have 4 types of dental implants. The lowest one starting from Rs.20,000/- and the best quality ranging upto Rs.45,000/- per implant

New teeth over the implant is of 2 types: lowest ones starting from Rs.5000/- per tooth, and the highest quality ranging upto Rs.15,000/-. Whichever type of implant/new teeth are selected, Burute Dental takes equal care to deliver the best.

Check prices table here


What does dental implant warranty include?

Dental implant warranty includes lifetime replacement of dental implant body in case of any kind of failure to the dental implant body. Dental implant warranty does not include surgical and procedural charges of any additional procedures or allied investigation charges.


What is the maintanance for dental implant?

Dental implant patient should get routine checkup at least once in a year or as recommended to check the health of implant. Such visits may include cleaning around the dental implant, x-rays or scans.Special instructions for home implant cleaning are to be strictly followed.


What is Burute Dental Implant Protocol?

  • At Burute Dental, we prioritize patient safety equally as implant surgery.

  • A strict instrument cleaning and sterilization protocol for every patient is personally checked by dentist.

  • Internationally used high-end machines are used during surgery. Learn more

  • We have all latest implant equipment along with high-definition CBCT scan.

  • Surgical operatory is disinfected before every case, along with chemical sterilization. Learn more

  • Complete team is trained for any surgical emergency.

  • Surgical guides are used for perfect implant placement.

  • Digital Workflow for Implant Planning

  • Dr.Burute is highly qualified and experienced in implant procedures 


Why Choose Burute dental clinic for dental implants in Pune?

>High Surgical Experience and skill

>Hundreds of Successful cases and happy patients

>Super clean and Equipped operatory

>Management of Anxious Patients

>Special Designated Manager for your Case

>Minimum Visits with PAINLESS - FAST - LONG LASTING Treatments

>Lifetime Support

>Safe Treatments with high hygiene care see more


> Easy E.M.I Payment Option​

> Clean Restrooms

> Recovery room for Post-Surgery rest

> Pick-up and Drop facility from home

> In Clinic Blood Investigation facility

> In Clinic CBCT Scan facility

> Multiple mode of Payment - Cheque | Cash | Card | UPI | EMI | Financing

> Online Consultation for Follow-up and Post surgery support

Our Implant Patients

Few of Our Implant Patients

Full mouth teeth replaced with fixed Implants

Results : Successful from 10 Year

Infected Teeth with Failed Root Canal treatment removed and Dental Implant Placed with fixed teeth 

Results : Successful from 15 Year

Missing teeth Replaced with dental Implant 

Results : Successful from 15 Year

Young Actor Lost Front Tooth , Replaced with Dental Implant to Look Exact Same as old Tooth IN 1 VISIT

Results : Successful from 8 Year

Loose Fitting Denture is made tight and comfortable by Dental Implants

Easy Maintenance

Result : Successful from 11 years

Implants placed and New teeth delivered in 1 visit

Result : Successful from 10 years


Meet Our Team

Experienced Implantogists with 100s of successful cases

rajendra burute.png

Dr. Rajendra Burute

BDS Implantologist

Mrunal Burute.png

Dr. Mrunal Burute

BDS, MDS Prosthodontics


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Dr. Madhura Burute

BDS, MDS Prosthodontics


Patients Rating

Good staff and very good service given . My appointment time was maintained . Cbct scan was taken in 5 minutes and scan cd was given immediately . Definitely recommend

I had my dental implant 3D scan done here .the scan was very good quality in colour and overall staff discipline , hygiene and clinic is very impressive. Will recommend my friends and family to Burute Dental Implants center

Fast and good quality cbct scan . Got cd immediately.

I got Good Quality CBCT scan with detailed report , the report quality was best in pune as compared previous report I had done .I will definitely recommend CBCT scan center of Pimpri-Chinchwad by Burute dental to all

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F.A.Q commonly asked questions

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Is it painful to have dental implants?

All procedures are performed under anesthesia, so area in your mouth where the procedure is performed is made numb first so you feel no pain.

Why does it take so much time after surgery to place the actual tooth?

This time is required for the implant to integrate with your jaw bone and be strong enough to support your artificial teeth and the chewing forces you will put on it.

What if my implant does not integrate with my jaw bone?

In case your implant does notintegrate with the jaw bone , we can normally keep it in place and wait and watch for some more time. Sometimes, implants require longer time to integrate with the jaw bone. At Burute Dental, we have special equipement to check the integration of the implant to the jaw bone. In case the implant fails and come out at any later stage after giving the artificial tooth, the further course of treatment will be decided upon the cause of failure (eg.Infection) and the current situation of the implant area.

Will I be able to travel internationally after implant surgery?

Yes , after following due instructions

Can implant rust?

No. Implants are made with high-qulaity pureTitanium materials that are absolutely safe & compatible to be placed in the human body and do not rust under any situations.

Why is implant costly?

Implants are high quality titanium screws which are specially designed to be accepted and be integrated in the human body. Every implant has multiple treatments done on its surface to give best results. The implants are sterlised and packed in such a way that they are absolutely safe to be put in any surgical site and will not cause any infection. Most implants are imported from abroad. Every implant needs specific instruments and tools and has special attachments that give perfect machine fit .

Who all can get dental implant?

Any adult who has missing teeth is eligible for dental implants. There is no age bar for getting dental implants.

Who is not eligible for implants?

If a person has inadequate bone quantity, poor gum health, or any medical history like uncontrolled diabetes, bleeding disorders, etc, that person is not eligible for dental implants.

What are options to dental implants? What are their costs?

Alternatives to dental implants include a removable denture or a dental bridge.

Dental bridge can be given only if surrounding teeth are in a healthy condition, and cost to replace 1 tooth with a bridge starts from Rs.8000/- to Rs. 36,000/- depending on the material you choose and the warranty on it.

Removable dentures start from Rs. 10,000/- and may range upto 30,000/- depending on cost of materials.

Does artificial graft contain animal/human products?

It depends on the type of graft used. However, every graft is chemically processed and sterlised to ensure that it is absolutely infection free before it is used in any patient. See Video -

Does sinus lift surgery lead to sinus infection?

At Burute Dental, we take complete precautions to ensure that all instruments and materials used are completely safe and sterile and will not cause any infection. The protocols used at Burute Dental have been developed after years of experience to minimize sinus infection after sinus surgery.

How Full Mouth Dental Implant Works ?

Watch Video -

Bone Grafting