Why choose dental implants instead of dentures?

Let us understand how dental Implant works. Dental Implants are used to replace missing teeth. They are screw-shaped and are placed in the bone so that they may bear new teeth on them.

Let us understand how dentures work. Dentures are also used to replace missing teeth. Dentures have missing teeth which are placed on gums directly.

Simple Chart will explain the primary difference between implants and denture.

Why are many patients scared of dental implants in spite of knowing their superiority over dentures or bridges?

Reason 1: Scared of surgery

Reality is Infected or previously decayed tooth removal is much more painful than implant surgery. So If you have undergone Tooth Removal and survived the pain, then a dental implant is not at all scary or more painful. Yes, If done by an experienced Implantologist, Implant is short surgery with less post-operative pain and swelling.

Reason 2 - Past Experience of own / Relative / Friend

Before you relate yourself to past experiences of your friends understand that implant surgery is not a product/item that is bought from the store and all will get the same product.

The difficulty of Implant surgery depends on Age, Gender, medical conditions, bone available to place an implant, machinery used, quality of implants used, Dentist's experience and skill, etc.

So Trust your dentist and ask him/ her directly if your implant procedure is going to be comfortable. Ask the doctor all questions that run in your mind, be free and share all your medical history.

Finally Good Treatment = Experienced Dentist with Best Equipment. So search for a well-equipped dentist who has all equipment required for dental implants.

Reason 3 - Money problem / Don't want to spend

Choosing cheap options over good quality and long-term options will only lead to spending more money in future. Cheap quality products or short term treatment will worsen the condition requiring more spending.

If you are looking for Dental Implants in Pune, We invite you to talk with us. We want you to share all your fears or doubts with us before you proceed with any dental treatments. This service is free. Here we show you similar cases with details of how that patient's treatment was done. We also let you meet our old patients to understand their experiences.