Urgent Smile Transformation - Case Study

20 year old Tara ( name changed) visited Burute dental with an urgent request. She had broken her front tooth and had an event to attend in the evening. Poor girl was in tears when asked to show her smile as her main front tooth has chipped off affecting her entire face.

Now the root was previously root canal treated. We advised her a cbct 3D scan after which we confirmed that the tooth and root inside the bone was not fractured and had no infection. So we got a green signal to build her new tooth over the existing tooth.

What followed next was a series of procedures which included exposing more teeth by matching the gum level of the tooth to the adjacent tooth by use of painless switchless laser technique. We then strengthened the foundation of the tooth by a process called post and core, which involves inserting a fiber rod in the root and bonding it to the root, and building up core over it. Now we had created ideal tooth structure foundation over which we could give her a temporary cap. The final cap was delivered after 3 weeks when her gums would have nicely healed. But the temporary cap was perfectly matched in shade and shape to her existing teeth, and she attended her event the same evening with a perfect smile.