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Dr.Rajendra Burute has been practicing clinical dentistry for more than 36 years. He not only masters in most of the routine and advanced dental procedures but has a vast experience making him ready for any clinical challenge. He loves to do technique sensitive cosmetic work, along with complicated implant surgeries. He attends most of the international academic conferences and keeps himself updated on the newer and advanced techniques and equips himself with most advanced and recently used machinery and quality materials. With so many years of experience, he had standardized protocols for every dental treatment procedure which assure success and patient satisfaction in almost all cases. This makes him one of the Best dentist in Pune city and PCMC


Dr.Mrunal Burute specializes in the field of clinical prosthodontics ,crown and Bridge , esthetics and oral implantology. Apart from doing his masters, he has also attended various courses on advanced implantology. He is an extremely passionate dentist who is determined to deliver success in all his treatments.  He manages to expand his expertise not just to prosthodontics but to every aspect of routine dentistry as well.

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Dr.Madhura Burute specializes in the field of clinical prosthodontics ,crown and Bridge , esthetics and oral implantology . She has various academic laurels to her credit. She has actively been a part of Indian Prosthodontic Society (IPS) previously, with her speciality topics being full mouth rehabilitation and occlusion.  She is also the director of Marvel dental academy. With her warm personality and extremely soft spoken nature, she manages to easily make the patient feel comfortable and assured.